Medium Speed Paper Cup Machine


Technical data:

  Machine with heater sealing Machine with ultrasonic sealing
Paper Cup Size Range: 2.5 ~~12 OZ  (80-350ml) 2.5 ~~12 OZ  (80-350ml)
Production Speed: 70~~90 pcs/min  70~~90 pcs/min 
Paper cup top diameter: Min 45mm ~~Max 90 mm  Min 45mm ~~Max 90 mm
Paper cup bottom diameter: Min 35mm~~Max 60mm  Min 35mm~~Max 60mm 
Paper cup height: Min 35mm~~Max 115 mm  Min 35mm~~Max 115 mm
Raw material: 170~~230gsm Single PE coated paper 170~~320gsm Single and double PE coated paper
General power: 5kw  7kw 
Electricity: 380V 3 phases or customize 380V 3 phases or customize
Weight: 1500kg 1500kg

1 40ft container can load 12sets MB-D12 machine,it can save your sea freight

Electrical configurations:
Parts name Brand and origin
Inverter Schneider
Button Onpow, Chinese Best Brand
Switch Chnt, Chine Best
Main motor 1.5 kw China Dasu motor
Knurling motor 0.75kw motor
Open cam Made in shandong

1. Paper cup bottom sealing by heater.
2. Cup side sealing by heater or ultrasonic as per your requirements.  
3. With our unique original designed bottom knurling system, single shaft, Korea type, this ensures the low leaking ratio and high quality of paper cups. 
4. With unique Open Cam design,it would be more stable when machine running at a high speed.
5. With automatic lubricating system, it will automatic lubricating to every moving parts when machine runs.
6. Every cam will be harden to ensure it can run for a long long time.
7. Machine is designed with double turning plate
8. Bottom paper we have a special control system, if connect with air source, bottom would be in pace with the cup body, so its more efficient and “0” waste on bottom paper