Paper Cup Machine with Ultrasonic Sealing


Technical data:
Paper Cup Size RANGE: 2.5 ~~12OZ  
Speed: 50~~60pc/min
Paper cup top diameter: Min 45mm ~~Max 104mm
Paper cup bottom diameter: Min 35mm~~Max 75mm
Paper cup height: Min 35mm~~Max 115mm
Raw material: 180~~350gsm, single or double PE coating paper
General power: 5.8 Kw
Electricity: 380V 3 phases
Weight: 1500kg 
Measurement: 2.6m×1.22m×1.7m 

Working procedure explanation:
To produce the cups, a special cardboard paper with one-side or double side PE lamination is used. Pre-cut paper is feeding automatically to a cone mould, and then the two edges are welded by ultrasonic without any glue. And at the same time, the bottom paper roll is die cut and fed to the cup, then, the cup bottom is preheated and folded with the bottom paper, and goes to the next station, heating and then knurling, then next station is cup top curling and at last the paper cup is finished and delivered.

1. Paper cup bottom sealing by hot air blowing station. 
2. It is easy to make cups of different size by changing moulds.
3. Cup side sealing by ultrasonic system.
4. Double PE coating paper cups for cold drink as well as hot drink.
5. Equiped with robotic arm and 3 pillar shafts each side, which let the machine run more steady.
6. With our unique original designed single shaft bottom knurling system, this ensures the low leaking ratio and high quality of paper cups. 
7. Sucker import from Taiwan, which can reach 100 million times’ life span.
8. Design with special cover, our machine is very good for heat dissipation and ensure the longer life span.
9. all the machine covers could be taken down in 2 minutes, very convenient for repair and daily maintenance.
10.  We have 8 cams in the paper cup machines, while others maybe only 6 cams.
11.  With automatic failure alarm sysem, when no bottom, or finished cup is over running, the machine will stop automatically.