OPEN CAM Medium Speed Paper Cup Machine


Technical data:
Paper Cup Size RANGE: 2 ~~12OZ  
Speed: 70~~80pc/min
Paper cup top diameter: Min 45mm ~~Max 104mm
Paper cup bottom diameter: Min 35mm~~Max 75mm
Paper cup height: Min 35mm~~Max 115mm
Raw material: 180~~350gsm, single pe or double PE coating paper
General power: 11KW
Electricity: 380V 3 phases  
Air consumption: 0.15 cbm/min   
Weight: 2500 kg 


1. Ceramic hot air heater heating banko brand, fast heating speed, long life.
2. Ultrasonic side bonding
3. Knurled Korean uniaxial structure, high pressure, durable water leakage.
4. The whole machine automatic lubrication system, bottom paper pre-feeding system
5. The CAM has been heat treated, durable and not easy to wear
6. Double turntable structure, high efficiency
7. Automatic cup collection system standard