Paper Bucket Machine


Technical data:
Paper Cup Size: 46-180oz or customize 
Speed: 40~~50 pcs/min
Max top diameter: 220mm
Max height: 200mm
Max bottom diameter: 165mm
Min top diameter: 140 mm
Min height: 60 mm or customize
Min bottom diameter: 120 mm
Raw material: 250~~380gsm, single or double PE coated paper
General power: 13Kw
Air consumption: 0.5m³/min
Electricity: 380V 3 phases
Weight:3200 kgs 
Measurement: 3.4m×1.9m×2m 

1. Paper bucket machine with double turning plate, better for collecting the finished cup.
2. Ultrasonic sealing station for the cup side welding.
3. Two stations Hot air station for the bottom sealing
4. You can make cups of different size by changing moulds.
5. Machine with PLC control, touch screen operation
6. Open cam system fully lubrication system in the machine.
7. Low operating cost, 1 worker can handle 1 machine.  


Finished sample show: