Double Wall Paper Cup Machine


Technical data:
Paper Cup Size: 8oz to 35oz  
Speed: 40~~60pcs/min
Raw material: 200~~350gsm Single PE coated paper or varnished cardboard paper
General power: 1.5kw
Electricity: 380V 3 phases
Weight: 800kg
Measurement: 2.06m×0.80m×1.05m
Detailed size range for cup:
Max cup height: 170mm
Cup top diameter: 104mm
Cup bottom diameter: 75mm

It is a kind of automatic paper cup forming equipment. It is composed of consecutive processes. This machine adopts microcomputer system to control the frequency changing meter and step-less governor. Such as automatic paper sending, ultrasonic welding, double cylinder, mechanic transmission automatic spray glue, unloading etc.

Working procedure:
Out-sleeve paper edge welding—cup body gluing-- finished inner blank cup down--double wall combined together and pressed to be strong--and then cup delivery.
- Cup sleeve side sealing by ultrasonic
- Cup fan directly sucking system make the machine working in higher efficiency
- Easy Operation, 1 worker can handle 2 machines
- Glue spinning system use the step motor and drive
- One turning plate finish all the function.
- Schneider Drive and Chnt switch Onpow button china best quality.