High speed Double Wall Paper Cup Machine


ZKT-09H High speed double wall paper cup machine is an invention,it is used to form the outer-sleeve for paper cups and paper bowls.It adopts the microcomputer system and runs a multiple stations with two turning plates,and makes cups with hollow double wall,which can separate from the heat,and safe for holding in hand.It can match with paper cup forming machine to form the double wall cup fully automatically.

Technical data:  
Paper Cup Size RANGE: 8 ~~16 OZ Speed: 80~90pcs/min
Raw material: 200~~350gsm Single PE coated paper or varnished cardboard paper
General power: 2.5kw
Electricity: 380V 3 phases or 220V 3 phase
Weight: 2500kg
Measurement: 2.55m×1.20m×1.90 m
Working procedure:  
Outer sleeve paper pre-feeding and edge welding--paper bottom folding--glue spraying--the finished inner blank cup drop down--double wall combined together and pressed to be strong--and then cup delivery.

1. It is easy to make cups of different sizes by changing moulds.
2. Cup outer sleeve side sealing by ultrasonic.
3. Double wall paper cups for hot contents which will keep your hand free from the heat.
4. With Automatic lubrication system,which enable the machine to work at a high speed stably.
5. Open cam driven system