Automatic paper roll creasing and die cutting machine


MB-980 automatic die cutting machine is our latest product,which is very suitable to cut the paper roll to sheets by wooden dies, it is the best choice for paper cup or printing factory,one die cutting machine can meet the need for 15 paper cup forming machines.
MB-980 die cutting machine is PLC controlled,paper roll feeding by servo motor,you can preset the die cutting method,either by following the color code or by setting the certain cutting length,very practical for printed paper roll as well as unprinted paper roll.
The wooden die is locked by air(pneumatic clutch control),very easy to change the wooden die.Machine is quipped with sensor and webguide system,more accurate in die cutting.
Automatic lubricating system,more easy for daily maintenance.machine paper feeding and retreat is controlled by the same button and same motor,which will make the paper feeding more fluent,and better orientation,and for better finished paper stacking.
This machine is equip with overload protecting system,safe for operation.All the key parts we adopt the imported brand,which ensure the machine can run stable for a long time.

Technical Data:

Model MB-980
Cut area 980mmX550mm
Speed 100-150 strokes/min
precision +/-0.10mms
pressure 250T
Paper material 150-500g
Paper width 300mm-980mm
Roll diameter ≤1400mm
Core size 3inch
Air source 0.7Mpa
Power source 11K w 380V 50Hz
Weight 6500Kg
Dimension(mm) 4350*1850*2000mm
Noise ≤60dB

Main feature:
1. Dust-proof device to ensure that the oil tank clean, effectively avoid oil blockage due to wear parts;
2. By automatic motor drive to adjust the die cutting pressure up or down, more easy operation.
3. Manual correction, automatic lubrication, automatic oil supply;
4. Pneumatic lock plate system, automatic locking accuracy ± 0.10mm, greatly reducing the labor intensity;
5. Copper tile automatic temperature control, such as more than the preset temperature, the device will automatically shut down to protect the device;
6. Worm wheel and worm transmission system, ensures the powerful and steady pressure; It is very convenient to adjust the the pressure on touch screen.

inside structure, the copper parts is one time lathing and its perfection round no joint, which increase the accuracy and less friction and no easy wear out. 

The safety protection door, if this door open, it will automatic alarm and stop the machine.