Paper Tube Ring Feeding Type Paper Lid Machine


Scope of application: 
Automatic Paper Lid Forming Machine is capable of producing the lids for the paper soup bowls, ice cream cups, paper cans and other round paper packaging containers like yogurts and gift box.
Forming procedureļ¼š
Slit Paper tube manual feeding—bottom paper feeding --- glue spraying ---- top curling with heating--- then stacking unit---- lids discharge. 

It introduces the advanced forming technology, accomplishes many kinds of formation crafts, and substitutes the manual procedure completely. The equipment is stable, high production efficiency, may realize a person of machine operation. To a certain extent, it will save labor force. This equipment can save raw material and the energy consumption is low. What's more, it simple and quick to change mold. 
1. from paper tube feeding and lid discharging are fully automatic
2. Adopt the hot melt glue system for the lids edge sealing.
3. all the machines parts made by our factory are harden, which will have a longer life span.
4. all the electrical parts,and pneumatic parts are adopt the international famous brand, very good performance.
5. Optional with stacking function, which is specially favored by the icecream production line, the lids could be finished with stackable and could be release one by one in the production line.
6. Optional with the spoon feeding and also the second piece of cover fixing.
7. We can realize all function in 1 machine and less mal-function due to the transporation belt and machine connections.

Technical parameters: 

Paper cover sizes diameter φ65-φ128 (mm); height 15-30 (mm)
Production rate 45-50 / min
Configuration Power 6Kw
Total power 4Kw
Power source 380V;
Air Consumption 0.12m3/min; 4Kg/cm2
G .Weight 1550Kg
Dimension (L x W x H)2265x1898x1575 (mm)