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Semi automatic mask machine

Scope of application:

Main Performance and features

1. The machine can produce 1-3 layers of non-woven mask, the thickness of the mask can be adjusted within a certain range, the length of the nose line can be adjusted arbitrarily, the operation of the machine is simple and the rejection rate is low.
2. The mask is fully formed by ultrasonic welding, with superior performance, high-speed chipping and spot welding.
3. Human machine interface touch screen operation control, simple and visual operation, the machine only needs one person to operate

Main Technical Parameter

Mask size specification: 175m × 95mm (adult)
Note: Introduction to the plane mask
1) Flat masks are divided into: 2-layer non-woven masks and 3-layer non-woven masks
2) Raw materials for plane masks: A, 2-layer mask: non-woven fabric, nose bridge, ear hook B, 3-layer mask: non-woven fabric, nose bridge, ear hook, filter cotton (filter paper)


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