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Cup Lid Forming Machine

Scope of application:


This equipment is the first new product developed by our scientific research personnel based on market demand and previous production technology. This machine is a multi-station automatic machine with simultaneous molding, punching, and loading; it solves the hygienic standards of food packaging, and does not believe it effectively solves the production capital investment in the production of PS / PET / PVC and other plastic products Large, labor input, complex production process, low product hygiene and safety, and many other problems, and wide range of applications, can be used in the production of hardware, food and pharmaceutical PS / PET / PVC plastic products, the appearance of the whole machine is exquisite, the price is really smart, well received Welcome to users at home and abroad!

Main Performance and features

Compact structure, stable operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance; stepless frequency conversion adjustment, man-machine touch screen interface; adjustable stroke, easy mold replacement; servo motor traction, synchronization is accurate and reliable; mold can be designed according to user requirements

Main Technical Parameter

cutting Frequency 15-45s/min
Power 380v/220v/50Hz
Adjustable Range
Stroke adjustable range 300mm
Max.Forming Depth 45mm
Max.Forming Area 450X260mm
Rated power 7KW
Air consumption 0.8cbm/min
Air Pressure 0.4-0.7mpa
Overall dimensions 3440X1000X1900mm
Weight 1500kg


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